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At Kansas Broadband Internet, our network uses state-of-the-art fixed wireless technology to deliver fast, reliable broadband Internet connectivity for our customers. Fixed wireless is a technology akin to cellular in that it uses towers to communicate with Antennas. However, the type of network is called fixed wireless because both the tower and the receiving antenna are mounted on fixed locations rather than one end being mobile. We do not use satellite transmission. In fact, transmission signals typically travel just a few miles within our network as opposed to 23,000 miles for satellite. The two fixed locations do require line of site between them. Short transmission distances, stability of fixed transmission locations, and the use of cutting-edge transmitters and receivers gives us a superior network performance over satellite or mobile wireless networks. Our network is equivalent to that of the latest wired networks in speed, reliability and low latency.

Often customers will ask if weather will impact their connection. The answer is that in most cases weather does not impact the connection quality on our network. In extreme weather events, some slight signal degradation can occur but typically not enough to impact connectivity or degrade speeds to any significant extent.

Internet connection speed is defined by how much data is transmitted through an Internet connection each second. A Connection of 3Mbps for example means the connection is passing 3000 kilobits (or 3 megabits) of data each second. If you think about an Internet data connection in terms of a water hose, the more you turn up the spigot the more quickly water fills the bucket. Internet data is similar. If you are loading a web page (the bucket), then the faster your connection (the pressure in the hose) the faster the page will load the required data to display the page (water filling the bucket).

The size of an average email is about 100 kilobits while the average webpage without video is around 200 kilobits. These are very small buckets that we can fill very quickly with each plan that we offer. Once you start streaming video, your need for speed increases. A typical video on a webpage may use about 1000 kilobits per second (or 1Mbps). An HD streaming video typically ranges between 2.5Mbps and 4Mbps. As you stream video your need for a continuous amount of high speed data connectivity goes up exponentially. Streaming video players typically will load a buffer of data, or in other words, preload data so that the video will play more smoothly regardless of variation in connection speed.


In order to provide service for our customers, we have to install receiving equipment on the outside of the residence. The cable that runs from this equipment and then into your home is "lightly" shielded. In other words, weather can damage the cable over time if it is left out in the elements. Because of this, we try to limit the exposure of the cable to the outside elements as much as possible during installation. We accomplish that by placing equipment directly on the residence and as close as we can to the point of entry to the home. It is possible that the equipment can be mounted on other structures, such as backyard TV towers, poles, windmills, silos, etc.... If that is a necessity, we ask the customer to trench and bury a conduit from the structure back to the house in order to protect that cable as much as possible.

Once equipment is mounted, the cable will be run into your residence and will be plugged into a small power supply that we install. It is from that device that the outdoor radio receives its power.

From the power supply, we can run a cable to your wireless router or other network devices. It is that device that will allow you to connect multiple electronic devices to the Internet feed that we provide.




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