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How does Kansas Broadband's wireless broadband compare to dial-up?

Dial-up operates at 14.4 - 56Kbps. Our service operates from 1000Kbps to 6,000Kbps depending on the service plan subscribed to, a performance improvement of up to 100 times dial-up. Our service is always on so you don't need to re-establish your connection each time you want to use it. Kansas Broadband does not require any phone lines.


How does Kansas Broadband's wireless broadband compare to DSL and Cable Modem?

Unlike DSL or Cable Modem, our service does not depend on telephone or cable TV infrastructure. This enables Kansas Broadband to reach many neighborhoods where DSL and Cable Modem are unable or unwilling to go.

With wireless service, you are able to access all of the content you would be able to access using Cable or DSL service. This includes streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon.


How does wireless broadband compare to Satellite?

Wireless broadband is sometimes confused with Satellite because they are both forms of wireless communication. The difference is that Kansas Broadband uses a fixed wireless system that uses short-range links that are no more than 10 miles long. The latency on these short-range links is comparable to wired links like DSL and Cable Modem so the performance remains high.

Satellite links have a large propagation delay due to the roughly 23,000-mile distance to geosynchronous satellites. This latency imposes a huge performance issue for streaming services or online gamers.

Most Satellite services will cap the amount of data you are allowed to use each month. With Kansas Broadband, you are unlimited and thus free to use all of the data you want at any time. This allows families to watch as many movies online as they wish each month.

Satellite based systems are also subject to weather outages similar to satellite TV reception. For this reason Satellite should only be considered as a last resort for Internet service.

Examples of satellite based services are Wild Blue and Hughesnet.


Equipment & System Requirements

How large is the antenna used to provide your service? Will I need any special permissions for installation?

The antenna we use will vary in size and shape based on the equipment necessary to receive the best strength of signal from the various tower locations in your area. In most cases, we will install equipment less than 2 foot in height and width. Many times this equipment can be installed on the side of the residence. Trees and other obstacles may require that we mount the equipment on the rooftop. Landloard approval will be required for placing equipment on any rentals.


What are the system requirements for my devices to use Kansas Broadband's service?

Your PC must have a 10BaseT or 100BaseT Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC) or wireless capabilities. We do not load any software onto your computer.

Other devices, such as smart TV's, tablets, phones, laptops, etc... will only need to be connected to your wireless router in order to utilize Kansas Broadband service.


What router can be used with Kansas Broadband's service and is it required?

Any broadband router that has an Ethernet port (10BaseT or 100BaseT) as its WAN or Internet port will work. This includes the wireless routers that are currently popular.

Kansas Broadband does not require a router to be able to utilize our service. However, if you would like to share the Internet with all of your various devices, including tv's, phones, and tablets, you will want to purchase a wireless router and plug our service into it.

Additional benefits of the router include firewall protection as well as multiple Ethernet ports and IP Addresses to allow multiple devices to be online at the same time.


Can more than one device share the connection?

Yes, there is no additional charge for multiple devices. The router acts as a firewall to protect the customer's home network from Internet attackers and is an administrative demarcation point that allows customers to build their home network independently. Kansas Broadband Networks supports the innovative use of home networking and charges based on total household bandwidth consumption rather than on the number of computers.


How does the weather affect Kansas Broadband's Service?

The effects of weather on Microwave radio signals vary based on the frequency used and the distance the signal travels. With the frequencies and distances in our network, signal degradation due to heavy rain, snow, or fog are negligible. The degradation due to heavy rain is less than .2 db and our system is designed with at least a 10 db signal fade margin.



What is involved in the installation?

We install a small antenna on or near the roof of your home or business. Then a Cat5 cable is run down and into your home and into our provided power supply. From that point, we will run a cable to your router. See our "How it works" section for a more detailed description.


What is the typical lead time to have your service installed?

If your location is within range of one of our towers and has line of site to that tower, we can usually install within one to two weeks.



Are there any health or safety concerns with the wireless signal?

No. The technology used by Kansas Broadband operates at very low power levels, similar to a cell phone, and much less than the amount that is emitted by your microwave oven. Also, radio frequency power drops dramatically as you move away from the power source. Typically, our antennas would not be placed where any person would be able to stand right in front of it for any significant period of time.


Do I need to have a separate ISP service with Kansas Broadband's service?

No, the ISP is included as part of our service. We provide IP addresses and email accounts as part of our plans.



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